15k Mayan Carpocalypse: 1967 Dodge Monster Pickup Truck

Unless the Mayan apocalypse is planned for another time zone, 12/21/12 has come and gone without any major episodes of carnage, unless you consider the inevitable divorce of Demi-Kutcher an ill sign.  We do think the divorce is a sign of good things and therefore want to celebrate that the world didn’t end by jumping a monster truck off of
a huge ramp and re-entering the atmosphere at such a speed as to turn
into a world ending impact with the surface.  The clear winning choice of monster truck for sub-orbital duty is this 1967 Dodge Monster Show Truck currently bidding on ebay for $17,600 with 1 day to go.

What started out as a 1967 Dodge Sweptline 4WD pickup has now been transformed into something called “Big Black” according to the owner.  Its remarkable that this pickup truck is 5 years younger than the previously mentioned recent divorcee Ms. Moore- and both look incredible today given the years of stress, neglect, misuse and abuse.  This truck has also gone under the knife in recent years and had considerable reconstructive surgery on its undercarriage.

Big Black is powered by a 400 cubic inch big block Dodge V8 that puts power into a torqueflight automatic transmission and into both front/rear dana differentials via a divorced (recently?) transfer case.  The entire chassis rides on a custom air bag suspension system and utilizes a high steer crossover system that probably allows it to do a good Gravedigger impersonation.

This truck, like certain parts on our subject divorcee, has been lifted considerably and getting inside requires a bit of effort.  Once inside you are treated to some basic instrumentation and a set of bench seats.  Nothing fancy, just basic dodge stuff – some with a recent coat of black paint.

Be sure to check with your local state regulations on bumper height etc, as this thing has a really high rear-end and may not be strictly speaking street legal.  Not that you’d want to drive more than a few miles in a car like this, but we could see regular use on a farm or maybe for a once a year car parade in the local town center. 

See a better preserved/modified/tall model for less?  email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com