15k: Kombi Type S: 1978 Volkswagen Bus With Acura V6 Swap

The Volkswagen  Type 2 was a lumbering slowlane clogger known as the Kombi, Transporter, Van, Vanagon, Bus, Microbus and built starting in 1949.  European production ended in the 1980s, but Brazillian production is still going active and scheduled to end on Dec 31, 2013.  The European/US market versions were powered by small boxer-4 cylinder engines and required an alert driver with a heavy foot to keep up with traffic.  Skip all the slowness and pickup a custom restored Type 2 powered by an Acura V6.  Find this 1978 Volkswagen Bus with Acura V6 Power located in Seminole, FL for sale on ebay currently bidding for $10,100 reserve not met with 1 day to go.

This Type 2 has been throuroughly restored and converted into some kind of crazy street-rod-camper — it really defies all attempts at a label.  Restomod?  Maybe.  Custom?  Certainly.  Hot rod?  Kinda.  Whatever it is took thousands of hours of the builders time and thousands of his dollars and now it can be yours for well less than he put into.  The seller has a very detailed build thread on thesamba.com.

The engine compartment is filled with a 3.2 liter V6 taken from a 2001 Acura CL Type S.  When new the Honda J32A2 V6 puts out 260 horsepower but the seller has uncorked the engine for about 290 hp.  A trick NACA duct on the driver’s side helps cool the radiator – but you should just watch the sellers 12 minute youtube walk around or his 2 minute test drive video.

The interior features a number of unique details and the builder spent most of his spare time for a few years building this beast.  The real question is where the reserve is set and if someone will get a good deal on this thing when the e-gavel hits the block.

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