15k: July 4th, Independence from Boring Day: 1931 Ford Model A Pickup

Welcome to DailyTurismo’s 4th of July Independence from Boring feature!!  We are going to celebrate the 237th year of freedom in this fair land by featuring the most patriotic and coolest whips you can find this side of the freezer aisle in your local mega mart. We start off this this 1931 Ford Model A Pickup located in Canyon, TX currently bidding for $10,000 reserve-not-met and $17,500 buy-it-now on ebay.

The seller shows a photo of two people, presumably father and granddaughter, but it could be father & daughter, husband & wife…brother & sister, or two random strangers.  Freedom means: no context for a photo; we get to make stuff up.  Pictured above is aspiring folk singer Julie and her landscape architectural consultant/psychic Gerald.

The ad describes this “great old truck” as “very dependable” and “never failed to run the flag route.”  If you are in the market for a very dependable truck that you only need to use once a year for a couple miles at best, this could be it.  Oh yeah, the engine.  Looks like an engine…err…four cylinders…L-head or flat-head or some kind of archaic dinosaur that can be fixed with Kansas know-how and Texas pride.  You can keep this thing running forever if you are the kind of guy who can assemble a gazebo using only an old knife-wrench (For kids (TM)).  If you are used to driving a leased Honda Civic…you probably shouldn’t buy this and just go back to surfing photos of koi ponds on instagramblr.

The interior…well…there isn’t much to old cars.  No stereo, no nav, no cup holders.  Just a flat bench seat with a few springs to keep your bottom off the frame and a steering wheel to keep it out of the ditches.

Seventeen large is a ton of money to pay for a Model A pickup, even one in as fine a shape as this one, but it’s not like they are making any more of them and its probably as good a place for your money as Facebook stock.  Plus, you get to take a once a year drive around a parade route.  Can’t do that with your 401k.

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