15k: Greenhouse Gasser: 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner

A startling 484,000 people bought a new Chevrolet Bel Air in 1954 while Ford only sold 15,000 of their Crestline Skyliner…for reasons we will get into later.  Frankly it is amazing that even one person purchased one of these acrylic roofed ovens because air conditioning was not a standard feature and it looks like something Homer Simpson would have designed.  Find this 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner for sale in Dublin, CA for $14,500 via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

The 1954 Ford  sedan actually sold in large quantities like the Chevy, but they built only a handful of the green acrylic topped Ford Crestline Skyliner and Mercury Monterey Sun Valley.  Few Skyliners remain on the road today, so buying one gets you into an odd club.

The roof panel above the driver’s head resembles a fish tank after its been abandoned by its owners (see the scene in Finding Nemo when the fish clog the filter in the dentist’s office) but it isn’t algae above your head, it is a thick acrylic green panel.  There is no escaping the sun in this thing.

This thing must have spent much of its life in a garage or covered because the interior doesn’t look bad for a 60 year old car.  The photo of the odometer shows 16,000 miles and it could be true (or only rolled over once) based on the condition of the seats.

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