15k Flash: Bavarian Military Wedesday: 2007 BMW 328xi E90

The BMW 328xi is the winter flavor of BMW’s best selling sedan, with all-wheel-drive and a basic i-6 to get you around town.  Take one, paint it matte-green and put some huge wheels on it…and you’ve got about the closest thing to a military spec 3-series we’ve ever seen.  This Wasteland Wednesday entry is a 2007 BMW 328iX is for sale in Houston, TX for the sequester-safe budget price of $12,895 via ebay. (Another thanks to tip from Kaibeezy!)

The E90 BMW 328xi debuted in 2007 with a retail price tag of something around $35k, and today is 6 years old approaching 65% off its original MSRP.  This is the kind of depreciation we can really appreciate!

 The 328i isn’t powered by the twin-turbo monster under the hood of its big brother, but it actually has a sweeter sounding naturally aspirated 3.0 liter inline6 that puts out 230 horsepower.

 The inside of this 3-series looks to have survived the first 100k miles of life without too much wear/tear.

The only thing we would consider doing to this matte green monster is to lift it a few inches and add some beefy off-road tires to make it a proper apocalypse survival machine.