15k DT Flash: Restored 1950 Mercury, Stock Sled

Back in 1949 Ford Motor Company introduced the first post-war Mercury design, which was then just called the “Eight” as there was only one model. But one was all they needed to spark the imaginations of Rebels and customizers across America. This 1950 4-door sedan’s design is little changed from the ’49 and was completely restored in the early ’90s. The car is completely stock except for dual exhaust – a rarity these days since the ’49-’51 Merc is the quintessential “Lead Sled” and almost all of them have been customized by now. This clean ’50 sedan is available here on ebay, with bidding near $13k and a $17,500 Buy it Now price in northern Virginia.

Dark green over mint two-tone is an odd color scheme, but the chrome shaver grille looks immaculate.

The dark top color carries down through the trunk lid. Despite the totally stock appearance, it’s easy to see why this bathtub Merc was favored by custom car builders who favored the long, low and wide look.
Interior looks minty fresh. Being an almost 20 year old restoration, but still in such good condition points to quality work and attention to detail by the restorer.
We love the undercarriage shots; not a hint of rust – or even dirt – to be found!
The 255 c.i. (4.2L) Mercury flathead V8 put out a bit more power than its Ford cousins, but still at 110 bhp these are not fast by any means. Expect 0-60 of at least 12 seconds with the manual trans but a sweet nostalgic burble from the exhaust.

Find another clean sled that has avoided the lead? Email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com