15k DT Flash: 2007 BMW 550i 6spd

We would like to dedicate this post to our appreciation of  depreciation.  Dictionary.com defines it as: de·pre·ci·a·tion [dih-pree-shee-ey-shuhn] noun 1. decrease in value due to wear and tear, decay, decline in price, etc.  We define depreciation as this 2007 BMW 550i 6spd with original MSRP of more than $60k, now for sale at the Fiat of Strongsville, OH for the price of $16,495 – roughly the price of a new cinquecento. 

The E60 BMW 5 series was the pinnacle of the controversial Bangle styling – but we think it will stand out from all of the other beige mid 2000s cars years from now.  Until it becomes a collectible you will need to live with the funky styling.


This E60 is powered by the N62B48 all alloy V8 pushing 360 horsepower into a 6 speed manual transmission.  Think of it as a poor man’s M5.


Inside this 550i shows some signs of wear – steering wheel and shifter show signs of wear – but both parts could be replaced or recovered and it wouldn’t look to bad inside.
I like big bangle-butts and I cannot lie…what you other brother’s can’t deny..etc.

Truth be told this isn’t the nicest example and the miles are a bit high…but you are getting a 5 year old BMW for $45k discount….

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