15k: Cosworth Tuned: 1963 Austin Mini Cooper

The original Austin Mini Mk I is one of those iconic cars that makes the driver cool no matter how much a of a douche bag he may be.   There are some cars…cough cough newish BMW…gak…something in my throat…any 911…cough…yeah, better now…that turn any nice-guy driver into an immediate target for ridicule (porcupine jokes…etc), but the original Mini brings with it an instant aura of awesome like an invisible Chuck Norris is giving you a pat on the back for some unknown success.  Great job man, and you can rub my beard for good luck.  Find this 1963 Austin Mini Cooper for sale in SF Bay Area, CA for $17,500 via craigslist and hardtuned.com.  As posted by CKEFFER on oppositelock.

I know what you’re thinking…an Austin Mini, with huge fender flares and a Union Jack on the roof for almost seventeen large?  In all fairness the asking price on this one is really optimistic, but this maniac Mini just exudes cool even when sitting still.  

Pop the steel foward hinged hood (so cool) and underneath a structural reinforcing tubular space frame is a Ford Cosworth 1.7 liter BDA engine that would have made 120 horsepower when new in a 1971ish Ford Escort RS.  This BDA (Belt Driven A-Type) engine is a dual-overhead-cam screamer from back in the day but now could put out something between 150 and 200 horsepower depending on cam/compression ratio/exhaust/intake/tuning..etc.

The inside of this Mini is a mixture of racecar and F14 fighter jet.  The form follows function gauge setup and F14 joystick (with functioning buttons that control lights!) combine to distract you from the Union Jack headliner.

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