15k: Chrysler V8: 1972 Jensen Interceptor Mk III

When looking for a British coupe powered by an American V8 from the pre-1975 era, pickings are limited if you are on a budget.  The occasional Sunbeam Tiger can be found for something other than highway robbery, but forget Cobras, even the home built kit cars are overpriced.  Set your sights a bit lower and you’ll stumble into the Chrysler powered Jensen Interceptor.  Find this 1972 Jensen Interceptor Mk III for sale in Norwell, MA currently bidding on ebay for $18,100 with 2 days to go. Tip from Jerry L.

The Jensen Interceptor was one of the few factory powered British cars to use a big block from Chrysler.  The Interceptor used a 440 cubic inch big block that spat out 280 horsepower (SAE net) and gave the big coupe a great exhaust note and a wall of torque.

This Interceptor is equipped with a 3-speed torqueflight automatic transmission, which is fine for cruising and light grand touring duties, but the 4-speed is the preference for B-road maniacs.  Overstuff plush seats and a faux woodgrain center console complete the “this is a cruiser” image.  This car was restored a few years ago and looks great in the photos.

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