15k: Buy In Bulk: Porsche 912, VW Bug, BMW 2002, Merc SL — Lottery?

 An interesting advertisement appeared on SF Bay Area craigslist yesterday for a lot of 8 classic automobiles.  The full list is:  1969 Porsche 912, 1968 Porsche 912 targa,
1967 912 targa, 1963 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL W113, 1973 BMW 2002 ,
1961 VW Type 1, 1962 VW Type 1, 1963 VW Type 1 and the seller is asking $120,000 for the entire lot.  Kaibeezy found the link and delivered it with a brilliant concept:  he should take $15,000 from 8 people and distribute the cars randomly! i’d aaaaalmost do it.  Find it here on craigslist.

Imagine for a minute, that someone was to launch a kick starter or indie go-go campaign with 8 available spots at $15k each.  After the requisite number of folks signed up, the deal would be done and all buyers would show up for a big warehouse party and put their name in a hat.  No matter what, everyone would go home happy….unless you got stuck with the one of the Beetles.  But still…

Better yet, would you put $150 in for a 1/100 chance of winning one?