15k: All Show No Go: 1970.5 Ford Falcon

The 1970 US market Ford Falcon is a bit of an oddball – it was only sold for 8 months and is often called the 1970 1/2 Falcon due to its limited production.  By April 1969 it was obvious that the Falcon was being replaced by the Maverick, but sales of the compact Falcon continued into late 1969 as a 1970 Falcon model, however the Falcon name was transferred to a low spec version of the Fairlane and built starting in early 1970 and ending a few months later.  The resulting anomaly looks a lot like an Australian market XY Falcon and was powered by anything from an anemic inline-6 to Fords fire-spitting 429 Cobra Jet.  Find this 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon for sale in Cabot, AR currently bidding for $11,100 reserve-not-met with $15,500 buy-it-now and 2 days to go.

It takes some getting used to the concept of a mid-sized Ford Falcon because the Falcon we all knew and loved was based on the compact chassis shared with the Mustang, Cougar, Comet and Ranchero.  However as anyone who has seen Eric Bana’s documentary Love the Beast should be familiar with the Australian market Falcon, a bigger badder classic that you won’t find often in the northern hemisphere.  The 1970 1/2 Falcon isn’t technically related to the Australian Falcon, but it is as close as we can get.

 Pop the hood on this Muscle car and see the awesome…what?  A 250 cubic inch inline-6 good for 155 horsepower and mated to a 3 speed automatic transmission…yikes.  This may look like a tire burning muscle car but you will be annihilated in the 1/4 mile by a brand new Honda Fit.  The only thing you are guaranteed to beat at the strip is a fat mall cop on a Segway.

This Ford Falcon is equipped with an automatic transmission and bench seats for cruising because it won’t be burning up the quarter mile or carving apexes anytime soon.  However, even the most die hard traffic ticket collector must admit that the percentage of time he uses the 300+ horsepower under his hood is limited and most of the time spend in this thing would be cruising down the road pretending you have 300+ horsepower under the hood. 

Could you live with the all-show no-go or would you buy it and swap in a Coyote V8?  See a better 1/2 model year classic? You know the drill. tips@dailyturismo.com