15k: 429, C6, 3.00:1: 1971 Ford Custom Police Interceptor

Numbers mean a lot of things, but sometimes in the car world we get obsessed with 0-60 stats, 1/4 mile speeds, and skid pad g-levels.  Perhaps instead we should focus on the numbers that generate those measurable stats, such as engine size, rear-end ratio, and tire width. We’d still be vintage car geeks, but at least those numbers won’t be trumped by every modern economy car.  Find this 1971 Ford Custom Police Interceptor here on eBay located in Jamestown, NY with 2 days to go.

The Custom was a down-trim version of the Galaxie, and were sold around the US for fleet use.  This one is an ex-goverment car, but it came from the factory with a 429 cubic inch P-code V8, heavy duty C6 automatic and 3.00:1 ratio traction-lok rear limited slip differential. 

The 429 cubic inch ThunderJet V8 was rated from the factory at 370 horsepower and 480 ft-lbs of torque, but the seller has recently rebuilt the engine with forged pistons, roller rockers and a few other tricks to squeeze as many ponies out as possible. 

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