15k: 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a factory hot rod version of the horrible economy car that Mitsubishi Motors calls the “Lancer”.  The Evo shares some parts with the base Lancer, but to call them brothers leads to the inevitable comparison with the DeVito/Schwarzenegger film “Twins”.  Yes, the Lancer shares DNA with the Evo, but it was actually the left-over genes that didn’t make the cut to become the governator.  This muscle bound 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII is for sale (via craigslist) in Orange County, CA for $14,700 and will hump the maid every chance it gets.

Unfortunately for most Evo’s they are typically driven by young-flat-brim-wearing illest-sticker-loving hella-stanced dance-dance revolutionaries.  This leads to Evo’s modified with poorly matched turbochargers, ill-fitting wheels, blue silicon air pipes and generally stupidity.  Thankfully, this Evo is stock…not returned to stock..not stock – but chipped (we love ads that say ‘stock, except for the dogleg gearbox and turbos‘)…but absolutely bone off-the-factory-floor stock.  We like stock clean Evos, even if that means its got 109k miles – we much prefer 109k miles of driven by an adult human being to 50k miles of illest-ing.  Internet chat-rooms are rife with people putting 500 horsepower in their roided out Evos before they erupt like Mt. Sakurajima, so expect some longevity with a stock setup.


Evo VIII (the 8th generation of Mitsubishi’s rally machine) are powered by the venerable 4G63 2.0 liter cast iron block inline 4 cylinder turbocharged and inter-cooled dual-overhead-cam engine making 271 horsepower and 273 ft-lbs of torque.  The power is put down via a 5-spd manual transmission and standard all-wheel-drive with a slick  active center differential (ACD) control system.  With the flick of a switch you can setup the car for tarmac, gravel or snow conditions, let the rally begin!

Inside the Evo has got a lot of low-rent looking Lancer donated plastic parts, but this one has the SSL package – sound, sunroof, leather – and all Evos come with fantastically comfortable Recaro seats.  The Evo has a nice thick rimmed steering wheel and the sweetest steering feedback from any all-wheel-drive car you will drive.

Bottom line – if you need a 4 door to haul around your kid and the kid you had with the nanny at the same exact time – those two car seats will fit in the back seat and neither mother will want to be seen in this car with you, so its time to teach the step-brothers how to drive fast.  We like the “wicked white” color because it tones down some of the over-the-top styling and think this car is wicked.

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