15k: 1988 BMW M3, Clean Alpine White E30,

The E30 generation BMW M3 is a rare sight on the pages of the Daily Turismo as most examples that aren’t salvaged titled wrecks have long ago appreciated to silly prices.  It’s probably because the E30 M3 is a wickedly fun car to drive and built like a tank, but nonetheless we will claim it’s because the well-to-do E30 fan-boys far exceed the production numbers causing a supply shortfall and demand surplus.  Regardless, this 1988 BMW M3 for sale in LA, CA looks to be a smokin deal at $18,500 for the condition and miles.

At just under 5000 examples built for the US market, the E30 M3 is indeed a rare sight on the road today, but it can’t be missed with its Kardashian fender flares and “look-at-me!” shopping cart handle rear wing.  The Japanese kids who styled the GD chassis Subaru Impreza STi spent a lot of time lusting after E30 M3s and it shows. 

Making a racket under the hood of an E30 M3 is an engine surprisingly short on cylinders…a DOHC inline 4, the S14B23 that puts out 192 horsepower and 200 ft-lbs of torque.  The engine is considerably down on power and refinement compared to later M3 motors – but for some reason, models equipped with this 7000 rpm screamer are worth gold these days. 

The inside of the E30 M3 is mostly stock E30 bits, aside from sportier seats and in this case an aftermarket steering wheel.  This car looks about what we’d expect from 130k mile example and the hideous shifter knob can be easily rectified.  

Pound for pound the E30 M3 will get decimated in every yardstick
compared to an E36 or E46, but in similar condition is worth much more…go figure.  Fanboys will tell you that its 2800 lb chassis is light and communicative, and its engine has just the right amount of power to keep you busy…but we’d counter that at this price you could afford about 10 similar era Miatas and have a better driving experience.  Whatever the reason, this particular M3 looks to be a good deal as long as you can secure some stock wheels and ditch the stupid stretched tire look.

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