15k: 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – Minty Clean

We at the daily turismo would like to apologize for the 1978 Firebird we posted the other day – it is a horrible car, slow, high miles, bad ad and non-numbers matching.  To make amends – we are proud to present this 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am located in Glen Ellyn, IL, for sale at $13,900 buy-it-now on ebay.

This 1987 Firebird is advertised as a 2-owner 23,265 mile example that looks to be just about the nicest TransAm in the country.  It is the first ever recipient of the daily turismo ‘minty clean’ badge because it looks like 1987 in the photos.  The two tone black-over-gold paint makes a nice match for the stock gold wheels and quite frankly we are blown away with the condition of this car.

The engine bay reveals a glistening Chevy 350 engine…oh no…there it is…this is the Seinfeld moment when we understand what is wrong with the girl.  Its not a 350 – its a ‘gasp’ 305.  The Chevy 305 is the bastard step brother of the 350 – missing 0.7 liters of displacement and getting constantly sent off to live with cousins in California.  The 5 liter V8 puts out a disappointing 225 horsepower and 275 ft-lbs of torque – thankfully mated to a 5 speed manual transmission and putting its ponies into an optional limited slip diff in the rear. Don’t expect any turbo-boosts from this Knight Rider – just be thankful its 275 ft-lbs of torque is enough to keep up with a similar era Honda Prelude.


Inside any wannabe Hasselhoff will be treated to the best preserved Firebird interior outside of a museum.  The optional forumla 3 spoke steering wheel fits right in with the amber backlit gauges and parts-bin GM stereo (if it ever breaks – just go to the junkyard and look for any 80s GM car/van/truck).  The seats look to be covered in JLo’s sweatpants and may get a bit warm in the summer – but with T-tops removed and AC blasting you could roll through the old hood in relative comfort.

Well used and worn out 80s Firebirds are a dime a dozen – but preserved cars like this one don’t appear very often and we are curious to see if the asking price is met.  Could you live with the underpowered lump on the hood to get this mint looking piece of kitt?

See another minty clean car for sale?  email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com