15k: 1974 BMW 2002 Baur Targa

 The BMW 2002 produced from 1968 to 1976 was available in coupe and touring (hatchback) versions and sold quite well across the world.  It solidified BMWs reputation for building compact sports sedans and paved the way for the extremely successful 3-series – but it was never available as a convertible from the factory.  That didn’t stop the hacksaw wielding maniacs at Karosserie Baur from building a targa version and this 1974 Baur Targa is offered on ebay for $15k buy-it-now in Marietta, GA.


The styling on the Baur Targa made us at DT want to barf in our mouths a little bit.  It looks like the design team of the Subaru Brat were given 24 hours to convertiblize a BMW.  I guess if we had to pick a BMW El Camino to choose from…this would be the best of the breed.

The Baur Targa is powered by the stock 2.0 liter inline 4 engine putting out 108 horsepower – enough to push the ElCamino’s 2300 lbs around (the Baur Targa ‘option’ added 150 lbs of mass).  The power is put to the pavement with an old school 4-speed manual transmission – and these cars are quite fun to throw around due to its independent rear suspension and low mass. 


Back seat passengers in the Baur Targa are given ample head room and should use sunscreen at all times, but they won’t need raincoats because this vintage BMW product advertisement claims that the occupants will be dry in ‘monsoon or moderate hail conditions’ due to an active air vent in the a-pillar…we aren’t so sure…

Bottom line the Baur Targa is no Bar Rafaeli – we think its more of a Bear Grylls…but perhaps you are looking for adventure instead of beauty.

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