15k: 1973 Corvette Sports Wagon “Riddler!”

The C3 Corvette (1968-1982) wasn’t the prettiest Corvette…and by the early 70s it was smog choked slow and shoddily assembled.  That didn’t stop a team of madmen from Vic’s Corvettes in Excelsior, MI from creating a custom breadvan version of the C3 vette.  This 1973 Chevy Corvette Sports Wagon is for sale in Gardnerville, NV for $14,500 buy-it-now on ebay.

The Breadvette conjures up images of the 1961  Ferrari 250 GT Drogo – the bread-van Ferrari that had an extended roofline to help reduce drag on the long straights at LeMans.  This Vette wasn’t designed to go fast in the Mulsanne straight – but it does have an awesome set of orange flames painted down the side…’GNARLEY’!

 Inside the breadvette we expected something more than a simple carpeted interior – perhaps a rumble-style seat or a mattress…but we guess it could be used for hauling groceries back from the market…or luxury cruising space for a large dog or two.  At the very least this car deserves a zebra stripped headliner….

This Breadvette is equipped with a 465 horsepower 383 cubic inch (6.3 liter) V8 mated to a TH400 automatic slushbox transmission.  The auto transmission is fine because this car is more suited for car shows and cul-de-sac donuts than La Sarthe.  Regardless, it should be fast and fun enough to terrify any passengers – canine or primate. 

The front end has a real 60s custom vibe to it – something that Ed Big Daddy Roth would approve of – its probably the exposed headlights and toothy grill. We aren’t very impressed with the ebay ad details – it doesn’t include any description of whats right or wrong with the car.  Does this breadvette belong in your pantry or is the seller asking for too much dough?

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