15k: 1967 Chevy Nova Pro Street Wagon

“Pro-Street” is a term often tossed around by grey-mustached dudes at car shows and many different definitions are probably correct.  Roughly stated – Pro-Street was a style of hot rod started in the 1980s that involved turning a street car into a street/strip/show car.  A proper Pro-Street needs big wheels in the back, lots of chrome and lots of go.  This highly modified 1967 Chevy Nova Wagon is advertised as a ‘Pro-Street’ car and is currently bidding at $10,606 reserve-not-met on ebay, located in Bayfield, CO.

The Nova was a compact sedan from General Motors – available as 2-door sedan, 2-door hardtop (B-pilarless 2-door sedan), 4 door sedan and 4 door station wagon.  Today the 2-door hardtops are obviously the most ‘collectible’, but we like the wagon for its relative rarity and ability to haul all kinds of dogs, kids, firewood and ash.

Powering this beast is a 383 cubic inch (6.3 liter) carb’d pushrod Chevy small block V8 putting out something like 400 horsepower (the seller doesn’t give too many specs, but we’d be disappointed if it wasn’t somewhere between 350 and 450 ponies).  The engine puts power down through a 700r slushbox transmission – but remember this isn’t a canyon carver – this is a boulevard cruiser and burnout machine.

Inside the Nova looks relatively clean, but not particularly perfect.  Its got an aftermarket steering wheel, some chrome pedals and a Looney Toons Tasmanian Devil themed floormat.  It looks to have seat belts – which is a good thing because the brakes aren’t power assisted, but they are some kind of Wilwood setup – hopefully that have the stop to match the ‘pop’.  The car also has an unspecified rack and pinion steering upgrade – a welcome change to the stock steering box setup and coil over front end.

The paint looks nice – it’s Nissan blue from a 1974 vintage Datsun – and we think it looks great on this wagon.  Someone put a decent amount of money into this car (well above the current bidding price) and the real question is what is the reserve set at and will someone get a deal on this little wagon?

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