15k: 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

It’s been said that an automotive enthusiast hasn’t lived until he has bought, driven and sold his first 50s Alfa Romeo.  They are true driving classics – built in an era when Italy was not a debt ridden country full of Mama’s boys.  The Guilietta Spider Veloce was designed by the design house Pininfarina – actual Italians with jobs, skills, thick hairy knuckles and suits.  This 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce has been racing on the vintage circuit since the 1970s, her name is ‘Carmella’ and she is for sale on ebay, currently bidding at $13,555 reserve not met with one day to go.

Carmella is a beauty.  She this a small lightweight car – not Carla Bruni thin (plus she wouldn’t be caught dead married to a short dude or a Frenchman), more like Sophia Loren in the 50s.  But Carmella has been racing for so long that you can’t take her out in public;  she has hard edges, a rap sheet, far too many tattoos and alas she is only good for the track.

This Veloce is powered by a 1300 cc Giulietta engine with Weisco pistons, Carillo rods, a nitrided crankshaft and all kinds of other goodies that probably put it in the 150 horsepower range.  Mated to the 5 speed manual transmission and 5.12 locked rear diff – Carmella should be an absolute blast to drive the track.

Inside the cabin – its all business, racing harnesses, vintage racing buckets, roll cage..with some home depot hot water line insulating pading zip tied on top of the true roll cage padding.

The experts always claim that driving a 50s Alfa is much more like driving a modern car compared to an E-type Jag or Corvette from the same era, but this is a race car so will that translate to more fun on the track?   We really aren’t sure what this cars reserve is set for and vintage Alfas have had some fantastic appreciation in the past few years, so this car may be way too expensive for us when the gavel hits the wood.

Would take Carmella to the dance, or ask her demure cousin instead?

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