15k: 1958 MG MGA; Vintage

The MGA was one of the first majorly restyled cars from Morris Garages after World War II and represented a significant break from traditional open-fender styling.  Today the MGA is a surprisingly affordable car for all of its sleek 1950’s styling and a good example will cost you less than the rustiest Jag/Austin-Healey/Mercedes junk pile from the same era.  This 1958 MG MGA coupe is for sale in Monterey, CA currently bidding at $8,000 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

 A a risk of repeating ourselves, we think the MGA is a stylish coupe that trades at surprisingly low prices and won’t get you laughed out of events such as the Targa California.  Like its predecesor the MG TF, it is a body on frame car, but offered a surprising number of technological advancements like rack-and-pinion steering, independent front and rear suspension, and a 4-speed manual gearbox. 

 This MGA would have originally been powered by the BMC B-series, a 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder overhead valve engine that puts out 72 horsepower.  However, this one now has a later 1.8 liter version of the same engine from a 1973 MGB that puts out 98 horsepower, and a significant increase in torque/driveability.  Some classics received overspray from factory painting procedures, but this one looks like its valve cover was spray painted free-hand by a Parkinson’s patient…on a windy day…

The inside of this MGA isn’t  in perfect condition, and it looks like a well used, but useable, driver.  We appreciate the simplicity of function in classic cars and the MGA is no exception – all of the gauges/switches are mounted high and easy to see.  Wait…is that red overspray on the ignition key….wow, that must have been quite a powerful can of spray paint…

Perhaps one of the reasons this MGA is bidding for much less than the asking price of comparable cars is because of the non-original engine, or the MGA market is softer than we thought…which is a good thing because there is no reason every good looking 1950’s sports car should cost as much as a mortgage payment.  There is another MGA we had our eyes on – also a 1958 model, and offered for $15,500 buy-it-now.  Bottom line: Both of these cars offer a rusty bucket of vintage cool for less than the price of a new Honda fit.

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