13k: Buzzy: 1960 Mini, Honda B16B swap

The last Honda-swapped Mini we featured was a raucous, rear-engined, rear-drive donut machine with a turbocharged K20 packing 495 horsepower. With “just” 185 horsepower out of a JDM Type-R B16B 1.6-liter pushing around a 1,400-lb curb weight, this Mini has a power:weight ratio of a C6 Z06. In a short-wheelbase front-drive layout, you would be crazy to pass on at least one ride. But you would be even crazier to drive it daily. Find this 1960 Mini with a Honda B16B swap currently bidding here on eBay for $12,650, located in Flagler Beach, FL, with 18 hours to go. 

B-series swaps are relatively common in Minis. Most use the B16A2 from the EM1 Civic Si, or the B18 from an Integra GS-R. This seller ponied up for the 8,500-RPM Type-R engine and accompanying short-ratio five-speed Type-R manual transmission, joined to a limited-slip differential that may or may not help control the original 10-inch wheels.

A Mini Tec front subframe kit includes everything from axle shafts to an alternator bracket, and makes the B-swap less daunting. The workmanship behind the whole piece, right down to the exhaust hanger mount for the center exhaust, is impressive. But it’s okay to be put off by the polarizing steel widebody (with suicide doors) and molded front lip.

Inside, it’s a different story. The rear seats and the dash ran off with the speedometer, replaced by a lumpy carpet job and fluids, respectively. However, rust is acting as natural selection on the remaining classic Minis, so good ones tend to be in the $12k price anyway. Might as well get one that can melt your face.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.