10k Zombie Proof: 1997 Ford E350 Armored Van

The daily turismo is typically full of sports cars with manual transmissions for the sporting gentleman who commutes on Mulholland Drive…but what if his commute is on Hollywood Blvd and what if it is post-zombie apocalypse.  Today’s 1997 Ford E350 Armored van is offered for sale on ebay for $13500 starting bid with no reserve and would easily keep a brain safe from razor sharp teeth.

A white E350 Van won’t stick out in a crowd – but the gun-slots do give this vehicle a ‘no-nonsense’ look and only hint at the “level 3” armor plating installed by “Lenco” industries.  Not sure what level 3 is (1 more than 2?) but it does look to have lots of armor plates – probably adding significant mass to a standard E350’s 4700 lb curb weight.

This E350 is equipped with an International built 7.3 liter turbocharged diesel powerstoke V8 engine that produces a paltry 215 horsepower but a zombie plowing 425 ft-lbs of torque at 1600 rpm.  Mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission you won’t win any drag races, but you will be able to drag stuff….like a mob of flesh eating undead.  It would have been nice to have the 4 wheel drive option in this truck – but the ability to do smoky burnouts could create a smokescreen that would aid evasion from mindless automatons.

Underneath the armor this van has a separate compartment for the rear passengers – presumably this is where you would put people who were bitten by zombies to wait and see if they ‘turn’ (and they always do!) – it even has convenient hooks to strap someone down…

It would be a mistake to not note the Italian levels of rust coating this Iowan – but then just how many winters do you expect to survive when the rest of mankind are mindless Abba loving brain eaters…so its a fair guess that this vehicle would outlast your own personal “Waterloo“.

I’ve put a $10k badge on this car because I don’t think it will sell unless the seller drops the asking price.

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