10k: Ye Ole School Road Trip: 1920 Studebaker Special 6 Touring

This next feature comes as a tip from Zach Z who includes a recipe for being eaten by a bear a fun roadtrip.  In his words:

So I figure this is the ‘real’ way to have the ultimate Alaska
roadtrip.  After all, isn’t it about the journey, and not the

1. Pick up this old 1920 Stude

2. Commission a spare tire or two…

3. Hit the highway, aimed generally eastward, before driving south.  

4. In the words of Supertramp, who undoubtedly had just this scenario in mind, take the long way home.

 5.  Question the meaning of life as you stare into a bonfire on a star filled night after you spend a month stranded in the Alaskan wilderness with your “friend” Zach who you were pretty sure wasn’t a cannibal when you started this godforsaken road trip…but the idea of lathering up his left foot with a thick glaze of Bullseye BBQ sauce and roasting it over an open pit is looking mighty good because the last of the trail mix crumbs ran out two weeks ago and you can’t keep eating wild clover…why does he keep looking at me like that… 

(DT Editor Vince) Okay, I  added this last step, but the idea of an old school road trip would be incredible, but I think it would be best to travel in a group.  Perhaps try and find a few other people to do a “The Great Race” style roadtrip.