10k: XKeetle: 1952 Jaguar XK120 Replica

 A Jaguar XK120 for $10k?  Get outta town.  You get maybe a front windshield or busted engine from a real XK120 for that much dough, but an original is a $150k show stopper.  The real XK120 is a gorgeous post war big bore machine with limited production quantities and unending sex appeal.  What can you get for 1/10th the price with 1/10th the appeal?  This 1952 Jaguar XK120 Replica riding on a Beetle chassis is offered for $9,500 via craigslist eBay.  Tip from Ignacio.

Oddly enough, this custom creation actually looks decent in the pictures provided — sure it won’t fool the president of your local Jaguar club, but it’ll fool most passing pedestrians, until you fire up the engine.  Will the average person know the difference between an air cooled flat-4 and a Jag inline-6?

Imagine for a minute that you are pulling under the valet awning at your local country club.  The valet opens your trunk to grab your clubs and eggads!!  Commodore, alert the authorities, someone has left a Volkswagen engine in the trunk of your XK.  Shhhhh, keep it down sonny, here is a 10-spot to just park the damn car, and go easy on the shifter, its got a linkage that’s a mile long. 

The interior does a good job of looking appropriately spartan for a 50s jaguar, but the gauges are too modern looking.  Better to get something with a more aeronautical look, and slightly bigger too.  See the real XK120 gauges here.

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