10k: WunderWagon: 2000 BMW 528iT 5-spd, E39 Touring

The station wagon has always been the answer to the question of: how do I shove all this junk and my kids into a car and drive around? For most wagons, the handling/ride quality seesaw has been tilted toward the comfort side of the spectrum.  This was the case until the Germans put their eye on the sporty wagon market and built all manner of fun and crazy 5-series, E-Class and S6 longroofs with room for 7 (or 5 + lots of junk).   Find this 2000 BMW 528iT 5-spd for sale in San Diego, CA for $9,000 $8,5000 via bimmerforums.com

Even American manufacturers have gotten into the party, albeit a bit late with the CTS-V wagon, but still better late than never.  The E39 generation 5-series was sold in limited quantities as a wagon in the USA, but if you wanted a clutch pedal you needed to buy the inline-6 powered 528i.  The 528i is powered by a 2.8 liter inline-6 that puts out 193 horsepower and isn’t the rocket ship that the 540i is, but at least it was equipped with a rack-and-pinion steering for better handling dynamics.

This one seems better than the average 13 year old BMW in the interior; the seat leather doesn’t look like a dried fig or the parchmenty translucent skin of that mummified rat you found preserved in the back of your storage shed. Overall a mid-size, manual trans, low-spec BMW wagon seems to be a great compromise between sport and utility for a daily turismo machine. This one has some upgrades as well as the factory sport package. Here’s hoping that the typical electronic flakery is kept to a minimum for the next hooner owner.

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