10k: Winter Ready: 1955 Bombardier R12 3 door Snowmobile

Joseph-Armand Bombardier started building his first creation when he was a teenager (in 1922), it was an open concept sled with a Ford Model T engine pushing a propeller in the back…legend has it that his father was concerned with his safety and ordered its destruction.  Bombardier did not quit his dream of building passenger snowmobiles, and in 1937 he started production of the B7 fully enclosed snowmobile which eventually transformed into the commercially successful B12 and later R12 models.  Bombardier eventually went on to be a household name for his inventions of the Ski-Doo & Sea-Doo, but that is a story for another time.  Find this 1955 Bombardier R12 currently bidding for $10,000 CAD ($8,353 USD at time of printing) here on eBay located in St Norbert, QC, Canada with 6 days to go.

The Bombardier R12 has seating for 12 passengers, a set of skis up front (that can be exchanged for rubber tires for on road use) and twin 4-wheeled tracks for forward motivation.  The R12 uses a Chrysler built flathead six-cylinder from a Dodge truck mated to a 3-speed manual transmission.  Sales of the R12 slowed down as plowing roads became more common throughout winter locales, but continued with minor changes through 1979.

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