10k: Whole Lada Shaking Going On: 1975 Lada 1500 VAZ 2103

Forget everything you know about cool hipster mobiles – this feature is going to change everything.  Take the cool of driving an Alfa Romeo Berlina Sedan, the “I don’t need to ride up hills” practicality of a vintage steel framed fixie bike and add the “I was wearing this before it was used on that USA Network show” linen Fedora…you still won’t be as cool as this car.  Find this 1975 Lada 1500/VAZ 2103 for sale in the SF Bay Area, CA for $11,500. Another brown trout from Kaibeezy.

You think your Henry Kissinger glasses are cool?  Forget it, this Lada makes oil stains that are cooler than your entire goodwill vintage wardrobe.  It just screams “take me home you hipster douche!”  Ditch the poetry recital and find yourself a good Russian mechanic because you don’t want this car to be Stalin when you drive it home.

We aren’t going to bore you with details about its Soviet built 1.5 liter inline 4 or the fact that it was a Leninized version of the Fiat 124 sedan and built by a company called AvtoVAZ.  No, we are simply going to let you soak in the cool that is this chocolate mint brown brown beauty.

We recommend the new owner removes the offensive yellow chicken/pig looking rear view ornament and replace it with a proper emblem of the people…a solid 24 carat gold hammer and sickle. 

Best excuse for parking ticket: “Of course I parked in the red zone…it IS a Lada…”

This clearly isn’t a time to sit around drinking cappuccino in front of the computer, it is time to sell your collection of felt fedoras and pickup an ushanka…along with the coolest car parked in a red zone this side of the Berlin wall.

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