10k: White Whale Tail: 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo

The second generation Toyota MR2 is one of the few affordable mid-engined cars that deliver on the promise of performance, low running costs and reliability.  The MR2 is arguably a better car than the Fiero in every measurable way, and is within throwing distance of the performance of the NSX, but with the excitement of a turbocharged engine.  Find this 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo 5spd for sale in SF Bay Area for $8,900 via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This MR2 looks to be in fantastic condition and is equipped with a limited selection of OEM+ parts.  However, the seller makes the following statement “The car is in too good of a condition for me to drive it out and really appreciate it.”  What?  Unfortunately, statements like this tend to reduce credibility for the rest of the ad, but overall the car looks fantastic for the price.

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