10k: Vintage Performer: 1963 Buick Skylark

In 1961 General Motors introduced three new cars that were the same except for a few external identifiers.  The Buick Special, Oldsmobile F-85 and Pontiac Tempest all shared the same Y-body platform and were available with the aluminum block 215 cubic inch V8.  The Buick Special Skylark was an upgraded option, but the Skylark became its own model in 1962.  Find this 1963 Buick Skylark currently bidding on ebay for $3,250 reserve-not-met with 3 days go go and buy-it-now of $10,500, located in Santa Monica, CA.

The ’63 Buick Skylark was unique in that it featured boxier sheet metal as compared to the ’61/62 models, and ’64 was an entirely new model.  This ’63 Skylark looks like a decent example and is covered in a nice coat of baby blue paint.

Under hood is the BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) 215 V8, an all alloy engine with iron liners (a unique feature for the time) rated at 200 horsepower. A variation of this engine was the first turbocharged passenger car – the Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbo Rocket – and was also the basis for the Rover V8 and Buick 3.8L V6 that both lived well beyond their predecessor.

The interior looks decent in the photos; where in the world did they get those awesome venetian blinds for the rear window?

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