10k: Triumphant: 1976 Triumph TR6; Minty Clean

The Triumph TR6 was a British roadster introduced in 1969 to replace the TR5/TR250 which was really just a slight change to the TR4…etc etc.  The TR6 did last thru 1976 when it was replaced with the wedge shaped and unloved TR7…but that is a story for another time.  The TR6 is today a well regarded classic with a thriving aftermarket scene and classic British style.  Find this 1976 Triumph TR6 for sale in Pelham, AL currently bidding on ebay for $11,400 with a few hours to go.

This TR6 has been through a recent mechanical restoration (no word from the seller on the paint) but it looks gorgeous inside and out.  The paint must have been redone at some point in time because they didn’t look that good from the British Leyland owned factory.

Even the inside looks great – our only beef is that the seller doesn’t provide much information, but this may scare away a few potential bidders and get you the chance to own a minty clean car for the price of the typical driver.

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