10k: Take Your Pick: 1980 VAZ-2103 or 1981 VAZ-2106 (Lada 1500/1600)

In all my eBay surfing, I’ve seen some funky auctions– buy one get one free, buy one and you need to submit a core (or trade-in) but I’ve never seen someone offer two cars for one price, where the winner selects one car to take home.  Why not create two different auctions?  Seems a strange way to sell your classic Russian sedan, but in Soviet Russia, eBay auction you!  Find a 1980 VAZ-2103 or 1981 VAZ-2106 offered for $9,000 buy-it-now or best offer via ebay, located in Hialeah, FL with a few days to go.

Still trying to get my head around a buy-it-now auction with your choice of vehicle, but $9k is a strong asking price for either one of the Fiat 124 based AutoVAZ built classics you see on the screen.  The seller calls the cars Lada-2103/2106, but according to various interweb sources those are the VAZ designations for Russia and for export markets it would have been called a Lada 1500 and 1600 respectively.  Engines in either car will be a 80ish horsepower inline-4 mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.

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