10k: Some Importation (Or Waiting) Required: 1995 Honda Beat

Next year, when the earliest 1991 Honda Beats are eligible to bounce like skipped stones onto U.S. shores under the 25-year rule, all of cardom will rejoice like we did for the R32 Skyline GT-R, earlier Skylines, the Lancia Delta Integrale, and others. This particular Beat, however, won’t be begrudgingly allowed welcomed onto American tax-funded roads for another five years. Until then, it will make a very pretty garage decoration. Find this 1995 Honda Beat for sale in Riguad, Quebec here on eBay for $9,999 buy-it-now, with 12 days to go.

The Beat was a spiritual successor to the early S600 and S800 roadsters, and was built to comply with Kei car regulations: a 1.4m-wide car with a 660cc engine making 63hp. The Pininfarina-designed three-cylinder roadster was a Japanese-only, single-generation orphan that could achieve 9,000 RPM or over 40 MPG, but not both.

With just 55,000 miles (86,500 kilometers) and no major modifications, this two-owner Beat is in much better shape than the one we featured in March 2014. It comes with a new Robbins soft top, new floor mats, and everything you need to drive it in Canada besides ear plugs and a generally cheery disposition. Scratch that last one – a 1,600-lb mid-engined roadster with a bike engine is the epitome of joy.

If your insatiable car lust is triggered by foreign forbidden fruit, don’t blame me for posting this: The seller posted it on eBay motors. In U.S. dollars. And Beats have been legally imported before. Get an accountability partner, or take a cold shower and think about baseball, though, because this won’t be an easy car to title. You may skirt by under off-road use only. Or, just wait until 2020.  

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.