10k: Some Assy Required: 1969 Porsche 911 T Slantnose V8 Custom

The classic Porsche 911 has been subjected to all sorts of abuse over the years by hacksaw and torch wielding hoons.  Most of the damage custom examples date from the era when the 911 was inexpensive on the used market and the cost of repairing the flat-6 was equal or greater than a fair purchase price.  Naturally folks figured out how to shove Chevy’s ubiquitous V8 into the back.  Find this 1969 Porsche 911 T Slantnose V8 Custom for sale in Gaylordsville, CT currently bidding for $8,100 with 3 days to go on ebay.

Nothing inspires more confidence in a sellers photos than the use of a block of wood to stop the car from rolling down a hill.   At least it is clear this car was rolled out of a garage before these pics were taken and there is a chance it doesn’t live outside in the Connecticut winter…a chance…

 Oooo, look at all that patina.  Would love to see the patina fanboys rave about this…because the world’s smallest air cleaner isn’t the only thing wrong with this setup.  If the oustide of the engine looks like this, it is a good bet the inside is gonna be nasty.  A thorough check of the floorboards, sills, jack points, inner fenders and anything metal is required on this one.

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