10k: Small Bumper Convert: 1979 MG MGB V8

MGBs exuded a jaunty personality ever since their introduction (at the Earls Court motor show in September 1962, priced at £690 plus £259 tax), yet they were always lacking in some soup. They
carried on with the same basic shape, design until ’74 when the US
DOT safety Nazis ruined a really good looking car. MG’s solution was to
fashion ugly chunks of black rubber that should have been a warning to
all Hollywood starlets considering collagen/botox lip injections. There’s been a run of MGBs with mod’s on this site lately…but when someone
takes the time to convert/revert a black bumpered ’79 into a pre-’74
small bumper, chrome grille car, and presents it with quality pictures
and a V8, it would be like poking his mom in the eye if we did not feature it.  Find this 1979 MG MGB V8 currently bidding for $8,600 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go on eBay, located in Adrian, MI.

The color combo in this B is great, the top boot looks taut and all appears to be in proper nick.  It’s sporting genuine Mini-lites (according to the picture) and the seller has a good trail of eBay feedback related to the car.  He (or she?) apparently been dealing a lot of his parts online. Only two
negatives, the rest look like he’s been putting this car together for
quite some time.  Good feedback on a seller and the ability see when/how he fixed up his car is always a plus for buying something sight unseen, especially in farm country where getting a good PPI would be more difficult.

Best of all, it’s been properly converted with a Buick 215 (a/k/a Rover
3.5) V8 which just looks totally at home in the engine bay.  They’ve updated the trans to a T5 with a 3.23:1 posi rear end and the 200+ horsepower from the V8 should be a welcome addition to the drive.

The steering wheel is about the only element that hasn’t been changed to
a pre ’74 configuration; and that could easily be changed out for
either an early MGB Banjo steering wheel or a Motolita.  Someone has deleted the headrests when they recovered the seats to maintain that ’60s look.

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