10k: Seller Submission: 2005 Mazda RX-8

This next feature comes as a seller submission from Matt, who answered DT’s hypothetical question “See a better place for a used rotary engine?” at the conclusion of the VolkRXwagen Reneseetle post.  In his words:  I do!  Selling my 05 RX-8 because I miss having a convertible and car ADD has struck hard.  Find this 2005 Mazda RX-8 offered for $8,000 in Columbia, SC via craigslist.

More from Matt:  Sent it in prompted by the rotary curiosity in comments
for the Renesis powered bug. Really my favorite non-convertible I’ve
owned.  Sporty, practical, unapologetically weird. Drives like a big
Miata with an engine that is happy to rev. Aside from the fuel/oil
usage there are really no downsides as long as you get one owned by
people that understand the rotary quirks. Keep oil in it, don’t beat on
it when it’s cold, redline it frequently and you’re good!

DT: The Mazda RX-8 is one of the better deals for a used sports car on the market today — the misunderstandings of Renesis longevity and maintenance is something that pushed the used values to a paltry amount for a such a capable chassis.  Stay tuned for a DT market update on the RX-8 in the near future.

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