10k: Seller Submission: 1963 Renault R8 1100

The Renault R8 was a small sedan for the common man launched in 1962 with boxy styling and a chassis based on the curvy Dauphine platform.  The R8 used a Beetle style rear engine / rear drive setup but is an odd car to find on the road today and just odd enough to qualify as cool.  Find this 1963 Renault R8 1100 for sale in Mission Hills, CA currently bidding for $2,550 reserve-not-met with $10,500  $7,500 (BIN droppped!) buy-it-now via ebay.  Seller submission from Oprah85 on ebay.

This Renault R8 wears a set of Cibie lights and looks a bit like the Gordini R8, but without the racing stripe.  The seller has owned the car for the past 3 years and put this powder blue paint job on it 2 years ago; it still looks great in the photos.

This R8 is powered by a 1.1 liter inline-4 cylinder engine that put out 43 horsepower and 55 ft-lbs of torque when it left the factory.  This one has been rebuilt and features bigger values and an aftermarket cam for a few more ponies.

Some of the early R8s had a dreadful semi-automatic gearbox that was an automated clutch setup that burned through clutches like mad, but this one has a conventional 4-speed manual.  Any clutch burning will be up to the driver.

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