10k: Sarah Palin’s Dog Sled: 1999 Ford Expedition

In 1996 self-described hockey-mom Sarah Palin beat incumbent John Stein 651 to 440 votes in the Wasilla, Alaska mayor race.  Turnout could best be described as lackluster when you consider that Wasilla’s population was 5,469 in the 2000 census.  Regardless, the small town purchased a 1999 Ford Expedition for the mayor and apparently this vehicle was used to shuttle her around for official and unofficial business.  Find this 1999 Ford Expedition for sale in Wasilla, AK currently bidding on ebay for $10,200 with a 1 day to go.

According to the ebay listing this vehicle was the official city transport of Mrs Palin and is now being sold by the City of Wasilla, probably help fund some pork barrel project or cover some ever-increasing deficit.  The 4/3rds scale Palin bobble head in the photos is just about the scariest thing we’ve ever seen in a car window and would only consider this car if it comes with that photo on the window.  Imagine driving into your local drive-thru with the disembodied Palin head showing her pearly whites at the window. 

The Ford Expedition will need more than lipstick to make it look like anything other than a pig.  See a better celebrity owned Expo for cheap? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com