10k: Sandwich Foam: 1968 Chevrolet Van, Kamp King Koach

The first Chevrolet Van was built on the Corvair chassis with a rear mounted aircooled flat-6 and labeled the Greenbrier.  However, the Greenbrier was phased out by 1964/1965 and replaced by the Chevrolet Van that used a more conventional front-mid engine setup.  A regular Chevrolet Van is a great classic to putter around in as a work/weekender truck, but the a camper conversion is less useful, but cooler.  Find this 1968 Chevrolet Van with Kamp King Koach conversion from McNamee Coach Corp for sale in San Diego, CA for $9,500 via craigslist.

The van conversion added a sandwich foam constructed house on top of the van body.  Sounds like a winner…but the use of Kamp King Koaches trade name is questionable.

The seller includes a vintage McNamee Coach Corp flyer that calls this thing a Van-A-Home and includes specs.  This 3K sleeps four with an optional two over head bunks for a total of six.

This thing looks a bit like the Eagle 5 (Lone Star and Barff’s Winnebago from Space Balls The Movie) and has a sweet pop-out rear section.

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