10k: The Rookie: 1964 Ford Falcon Wagon

 The 2002 Disney film The Rookie is based on the real life story of a high school Baseball coach who had washed out of the majors due to shoulder injuries years ago, but went to tryout after promising his high school team.  The film was actually made decent money, probably because it was a G rated film that parents wanted to see.  This next feature is a 1964 Ford Falcon Wagon that was used for at least one scene in the movie currently offered for $8,500 in Fredericksburg, VA via craigslist.

The term movie car gets tossed around a lot, and you might be right to imagine that a car with movie credentials might be valued by fans of that movie a bit more than the average example.  But, what if the car was only used for a single panning shot and the movie itself was a bit of a dog?  

This Falcon is powered by a simple 200 cubic inch inline-6 good for 116 horsepower and 175 ft-lbs of torque.  The seller describes it as a piece of cinematic history, but that is a stretch for a car that doesn’t even make the IMCDb.org page for the movie.

The condition of the wagon looks good on the inside and out, but it is a inline-6 powered wagon with an automatic transmission, so it will be pretty slow on the road.

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