10k: Restored ADO16: 1964 MG 1100

In 1962 BMC (British Motor Corp) launched the development of a new family car under the name ADO16 (Amalgamated Drawing Office project number 16).  This ADO16 would be the basis for a family of larger than the Mini vehicles including the Austin 1100/1300, MG 1100/1300, Austin America, Riley 1300, Wolseley 1100/1275/1300 and Morris 1100/1300. Combined production figures for the entire family made the ADO16 front drive machine one of the best selling vehicles in the UK and we’ve featured versions before including an Austin America.  Today’s feature is a 1964 MG 1100 offered for $8,400 in Sunnyvale, CA via craigslist.

This MG 1100 is a great looking example of the big Mini style contradiction in terms.  Everything from the shiny chrome to the minilite style wheels looks great.

Under the hood is a very sanitary looking BMW BMC A-series engine with a 1.1 liter displacement that puts out a meager 69 horsepower mated to a manual gearbox.  It shouldn’t be as bad as it sounds on paper, because the car is light and gearing is short to make it seem like you are going faster than reality. 

The inside of this MG 1100 looks as nice as the outside and will make any classic BMC lover happy.

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