10k: Red Rumble: 1991 BMW E34 M5

It is no secret that the motley collection of hacks who make up the staff at the Daily Turismo are big fans of the E34 generation BMW M5…which you could probably tell by the (now slightly out of date) market update and the recent purchase of an E34 M5 by DT’s own CFlo. As the nice examples of the E28 M5 are starting to draw the attention of collectors and looky-loos, the E34 continues to be a depreciated classic for the low budget crowd.  Find this 1991 BMW E34 M5 for sale in Aurora, CO currently bidding for $9,000 on ebay with 2 days to go.

This E34 is offered as a clean stock example – a good thing when you consider how fast and fun to drive these things are from the factory.  Any BMW M car is just about as stiff as you’d ever want to go on the street without taking it to STi/Evo/S2000 kidney pounding levels.

It is odd to see the turkey platter sized stock steering wheel and giant walking cane sized shifter (the DTM5 has an aftermarket wheel and a short shifter) but the original setup will be desirable to the collector and purist.  The wheel/pedals/shifter control one of the sweetest powertrain setups in the business, a 3.6 liter inline-6 that makes 307 horsepower and screams up to a 7000 rpm redline.


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