10k: Pipe Dream: 1978 Toyota Celica LSX Turbo

How do you like your Celica? Mustang-mimicking? Toyobaru-inspiring? WRC-qualifying? For the discerning buyer with refined taste, though, the best flavor of Celica comes with hood pins and Mickey Thompsons, seen here. Somewhere aft of both lurks a massive turbo, compressing air on the way to a 6.0L iron-block V8. Now that’s refined taste. Find this turbocharged LQ4-swapped 1978 Toyota Celica Coupe in Houston, TX for $10,000 via Craigslist.

Warning: Don’t let children use your engine as a finger-paint canvas. With a candy-apple red block and Pacific Blue intake manifold, your power plant is more ready for the next Superman (Or Iron Man. Get it?) summer blockbuster than you are. A small intercooler helps further cool intake temperatures already chilled by long piping. A sturdy 4L65E four-speed automatic had to be beefed up before it sends power to the rear end from a 1998 Ford Explorer.

Are you tired of having your crossmember and other vital components scratched and scuffed by speed bumps and driveways? Now you can guard them with intercooler piping! Seriously though, protecting the valuable duct work in this Celica’s nether regions will be a bigger challenge than keeping it in a straight line or explaining the GT-R grille badge.

The seller’s blurry pictures reveal a garage full of engines of varying displacement and configuration. One can only guess which Crayola 8-pack colors they’ll be painted. This one was undoubtedly a cheaper build, using the less-desirable iron-block truck engine. No, you won’t notice the extra 75 pounds over the aluminum LS1. With this much motor, plus head work and a big Turbonetics T78 turbo, the claimed 600 horsepower is absolutely within reason. Not to say this is a reasonable car, or that someone could drop $10,000 on it using logical reasoning.

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PhiLOL’s car would lose to this Celica on any track. Unless it had speed bumps.