10k: Perplexing Choices: 2014 Velocity Exo-Contour Kit

Imagine that you are a pre-med straight A student at a major university and you aren’t doing so well in your organic chemistry class.  You will certainly pass, but probably get a B+ instead of another A and the deadline to drop is tomorrow.  You decide to buckle down and try to ace the final instead of retaking the class…and of course you get a B.  Med school is now out of the picture, but there are plenty of dental schools that will take your 3.9 GPA all day long.  You go to dental school and spend the next 20 years leaning into peoples mouths and enjoying the medium dollar and low stress hours.  The mid life crisis urge hits and you decide you need a track toy.  This 2014 Velocity Exo-Contour currently bidding for $9,100 reserve-not-met on eBay with a few days to go, located in Arvada, CO will do nicely.

The Velocity Exo-Contour is an Ariel Atom-esque tube frame track rat that looks like a show winner at the next mad max reunion, but this one has been set up with the easy knob turned to Dentist.  Many type-A over-achievers would  have selected a boosted VW 1.8T hooked up to a 5-speed manual or the mighty 2.0T mated to a DSG…but not Mr Tuck-in-Shirt-Dentist…nope, try a 2.8 liter V6 from the VW Passat mated to a 5 speed automatic.   Those 190 horsepower won’t sound like a dentist’s drill, and but the slushbox transmission will remind you of the placid waiting room with its oatmeal speed shifts.

A chipped 1.8T will easily make as much power as the V6, but the V6 adds some confidence inspiring mass to the rear end, as well as being basically free to replace.  Most pick-a-part yards will give you a free 2.8l ACK/APR engine with any purchase of 4 hub caps.  It is about as sexy as a post menopausal midwife, but it’ll keep your garage floor clean.  You won’t need to worry about bad behavior from this beast, because the Passat was never available with a limited slip diff, and any over eagerness on the throttle pedal will be met swiftly with a flashing amber warning light.  Whoa, slow down there speedy, this isn’t the Mule Tic 100!

 Remember kids, stay in school…and don’t get any Bs.  tips@dailyturismo.com