10k: Not Another Notch On The Bed Post: 1987 Ford Mustang LX Notchback

The 3rd generation Ford Mustang, known internally as the Fox platform, was built from 1979 to 1993 in coupe, hatchback and convertible trims.  Interestingly enough in the classic (pre-73) market, the fastbacks demand premium money (as they did when new) and the coupes (notchback) are cheap, but the relationship is flipped in the Fox platform.  The notchback LX Fox mustangs have become collectible in their own right and are worth a few more bucks than the average (more expensive when new) hatchback GT/GLX stang. Regardless, a nice LX 5.0 notchback is a modern classic priced well today — expect significant appreciation in the next 10 years.  Find this 1987 Ford Mustang LX notchback for sale in Roseville, CA currently bidding for $6,100 via ebay.

The ’87 Mustang V8 is the fuel injected 5.0, an iron block pushrod classic pushing out 225 horsepower and 300 ft-lbs of torque.  The 5.0 isn’t the most powerful engine straight from the factory, but a few simple upgrades rapidly add performance up to the 300 horsepower level, after which significant gains are expensive.

The interior photos show a carpet that needs a good shampooing and the desirable BorgWarner T5, shift-it-yourself 5-speed manual gearbox. 

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