10k: Non Integrale: 1987 Lancia Delta HF AWD

We featured a sweet Lancia Delta HF Integrale a few weeks back, but it was located in the UK, importation was left as a problem for any bidders and it was pricey…but what if you could find another Lancia Delta HF located a few thousand miles closer for half the price but missing the Integrale 16V engine? Find this 1987 Lancia Delta HF AWD for $12,800 or best offer via ebay, located in Quebec, Canada.

This Delta started out as a simple/plain HF AWD, but someone has added Integrale fender flares and a sweet Martini Racing paint scheme.  The new owner is going to get a lot of attention from car guys and bewildered looks from others.

The Delta HF is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged 8-valve inline-4 that puts out 185 horsepower into a 5 speed manual gearbox and to all 4 wheels.  The Delta AWD was equipped with an open front end, torque-splitting Ferguson viscous-coupling-controlled epicyclic central differential in the middle and a torsen style rear limited slip diff.

The Delta was an economy car and the interior seems to remind its occupants at every occasion.  It does feature a cool looking gauge set, but otherwise isn’t going to impress anybody.

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