10k: Nice Porvette: 1983 Porsche 944 LS2 V8

The Porsche 944 was another chapter in the watercooled front engine Porsche sport coupe saga; essentially a beefed up replacement for the 924.  The 944 is actually one of the better cars of the 924/944/968 extended family to pick up from a cost/drivability/fun perspective, and that only gets better when you power it by a fuel injected GM V8.  Find this 1983 Porsche 944 LS2 V8 currently bidding for $1,000 reserve-not-met on ebay with 6 days to go or $13,999 on craigslist, located in Sherman, TX.

The Porsche 944 shares much of its chassis with the 924, but no one will mistake it for a 924 due to more muscular styling with fat boxed fenders and prominent from air dam.  The 944 was faster, more comfortable and better equipped than the 924 from the factory…so putting a 400ish horsepower V8 up front can only make things better and piss off the Porsche purists.

The LS2 V8 was introduced in 2005 as GM’s generation IV small block V8, with a minimum power rating of 400 horsepower and a displacement of 6.0 liters.  This one came from a Pontiac GTO and should be extremely capabable of hauling the lightweight 944 chassis to arrest me speeds before you can say gesundheit

A look on the inside shows no signs that anything has gone awry under the hood, even the stock wacky-tach that looks upside down is intact and functioning.  Since the 944 is a transaxle equipped car, you will find the LS2 mated to the stock Porsche transmission via an engine speed driveshaft. A Chebby transmission (TH350 anyone?) will not fit easily and would require an entirely new/custom rear end setup.

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