10k: NASCAR Frame: 1990 Batmobile Something Something…

The Batmobile is more than just a piece of transportation for masked crime fighting millionaires.   It is a statement.  Sometimes it says: Bruce Wayne works the night shift at the local lumber mill, while other times it projects an image of all business and no flair.  However, the truth is, if you are the Petoskey Batman and have just lost your ride due to situations out of your control…well..you can’t be picky about your Batmobile.  So, if it is a 10,000 lb steel beast that needs to be driven via camera you just gotta take it.  Find this BatMobile Replica for sale in San Juan, TX currently bidding for $8,989 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go.

No need to beat around the proverbial bush, lets hit some of the highlights from the seller.  First up, this is built on a “NASCAR frame.”  The picture above shows seven hombres standing shoulder to
shoulder between where the driver sits and the center line of the front
wheel, and last I checked the NASCAR Car of Tomorrow wheel base is 110 inches, not 110 feet. Cruella DeVille wishes she had that kinda wheelbase.

You don’t need to be Morgan Freeman to know that it is bad idea to show pictures of the Batmobile fabrication shop.  The Joker may not have internet access in his maximum security prison cell, but all sorts of other unsavory low-lifes would love to sneak into the Batcave and replace the cans of bondo with cans of plastic explosives.  Plastic explosive and bondo aside, given the metal fabrication used in this thing, it should weight about as much as a Freightliner truck.  Forget about catching the Joker unless he is on foot.  Crumple zones?  Hope the other car has em…

The biggest issue with driving this Batmobile has to do with a little detail the seller lets slip: this car use a camera to see front, and rear dont have mirors.”  With the blacked out canopy as driver you need a camera to see what is in front of you, so not only does it weight as much as a tank, it has the same visibility.  


All joking aside, you’ve got to hand it to the builder that he had a vision and followed through with it.  The size and scale of this thing are epic and it would make an awesome weekend car if you could fit it in your garage.

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