10k: My Little Pony: 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

The first generation Ford Mustang is still one of our favorite daily driveable classics.  Fastbacks are expensive and sought by collectors but the lowly coupes are perfectly good and a great value in today’s classic car market.  Find one equipped with a high output V8 engine, disc brakes and power steering, for the ultimate classic daily turismo.  Find this 1966 Ford Mustang V8 coupe for sale in Fort Lauderdale, FL currently bidding on ebay for $8,100 with less than a day to go.

This Mustang coupe started life very similar to the one-owner classic known as Betsy’s Pony, but it has reached today via a very different path.  While Betsy’s 66 Coupe has seen only simple maintenance and repairs, this Mustang has gotten a number of hop-up parts and been subject to at least one minor restoration (probably more).

6F07T288798 decodes as a 1966 Coupe born in Dearborn, MI with a 200 cubic inch inline-6 under the hood, but in the last 48 years this car has seen a number of modications including the addition of a 289 cubic inch V8 and 5-lug hubs (I-6 cars originally came with 4-lug).  This pony now has something like 200 horsepower from the V8 and puts it to the rear wheels thru a top-loader 4-speed manual transmission.

The inside of this Mustang has seen some customization, including a set of aftermarket gauges that look more appropriate in a hot rod, and a deluxe pony interior.  This car was restored approximately 10 years ago and the seller admits that the paint is starting to show some age. It looks okay in the pictures for a daily driver, but won’t win any car show awards.

This Mustang comes with a fair amount of extra un-installed parts, including a 5-spd tramission, disc brakes, and Torque-Thrust 15 inch wheels (which might look better than the 17s on the car now).  What is interesting is that this car is currently bidding about where Betsy’s Pony sold but it represents a very different paradigm of the Mustang coupe.

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