10k: Mullet Madness: 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

In 1985 Chevrolet introduced a sport option to its Z28 option called the IROC, and while pronounced “I-Rock” it has nothing to do with Whitesnake and is an acronym for the International Race of Champions.  The International Race of Champions was a North American race that pitted a group of invited drivers against each other in a group of identical Camaros (from 1975-1989).  Chevrolet saw the opportunity to cash in on its advertising money and created the IROC-Z version that included upgraded suspension, staggered wheels and a TPI engine borrowed from the Corvette.  Find this 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z for sale in Santa Fe, NM for $11,873 via craigslist.  Big thanks to tipper Paul M.

The IROC-Z was the ultimate mullet accessory in 1986 and this one looks as minty fresh as when it left the factory.  Your mullet may have a few more greys in it and it may be getting thin in the back but if this IROC doesn’t get your blood pumping, you need to see a cardiologist. 

 The IROC-Z was available with a number of underwhelming 305 derived V8s, but at least the TPI Corvette based 5.0 liter LB9 put out a respectable 190 horsepower.  Sure, most sub-2 liter compact car engines make that much power today, but back when Reagan was enjoying his second term anything more than 150 horsepower was moving.

A quick interior photo shows a dreaded slushbox shifter, but the TPI IROC-Z wasn’t available with a manual transmission until 1987.  This one also has a really bright red interior that has survived the years well.

The asking price on this IROC-Z is a bit above the norm for a 3rd gen Camaro, but it is nice example of one of the more desirable versions.  However, speed junkies should save their money for a well preserved 87-92 IROC with the L98 5.7 liter V8 with considerably more power and torque, plus an available manual transmission.

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