10k: Micro Machine: 1972 Suzuki Jimny LJ20

The first generation Suzuki Jimny is almost an unknown, but you are likely familiar with the SJ30 generation which was known as the Samurai on these shores.  The SJ30 Samurai is a slow vehicle by any yardstick, but the older LJ20 Jimny makes it’s younger sibling feel like a Bugatti Veyron.  Fortunately, speed and coolness are not always proportional.  Find this 1972 Suzuki Jimny LJ20 offered for $11,900 buy it now (currently bidding for $8,602 reserve-not-met) here on eBay located in Phoenix, AZ.

It might be difficult to tell in the pictures, but the original Samurai (Jimny) is a small vehicle.  Really small.  And slow. It tips the scales at 1301 lbs and has a top speed of 47 mph.  Still, it would be fun to drive around and it looks really nicely restored.

Power comes from a 360 cc 2-stroke 2-cylinder buzzing oil burning menace that puts out a meager 21 horsepower into a 4-speed manual gearbox.  Drive this thing on a freeway is about as dangerous as taking a tour of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  Do it at your own risk.

The Jimny uses a very nice form-follows-function setup on the inside with easy access to cleanup any messes your kids may make on the inside.  In fact, any trip above 25 mph will clean the inside nicely.